Going Green – New Delivery Truck

December 16, 2012 − by Leslie − in Front Page, News − No Comments

Chow for now - green vehicleAt Chow for Now we have been continuing to research ways to both make our packaging and delivery more environmentally friendly and to make our raw food production process as green as it can be. One of our projects was to source a delivery vehicle that would be super efficient on fuel and have a at least a reasonably sized freezer compartment. At first this seemed like a contradictory set of requirements – most trucks / vans that had freezer capacity were quite large and required matching amounts of fuel. After much searching we finally found a tiny, efficient truck with a good sized freezer compartment … in Japan!

After an almost 3 month wait for it to be shipped from Asia we were excited to take possession of our new (to us) delivery vehicle. This mini-freezer truck gets phenomenal gas mileage and has a very efficient freezer compartment to keep our frozen raw dog food completely frozen till we can put it in your freezer. And. it is seriously cute – we almost had that new puppy “awwww” moment when we saw it.  How small is it you ask?Ryan can roll down the passenger window from the driver’s seat and no it doesn’t have electric windows.

Ryan has been doing some practice runs to get used to having the steering wheel on the other side. In fact, just about everything is reversed in this truck, including the turn signal indicators and the windshield wipers.

Ryan says it is not so much that driving it is difficult but switching back and forth to his regular vehicle has produced some funny moments as he tries to use the turn signal on his own truck and ends up turning on windshield wipers. He just loves looking cool in front of his girlfriend…

Watch for our new freezer truck on your next delivery.

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