Why feed a raw natural diet?

Dogs benefit from a preservative free food that follows the diet their ancestors would have eaten in the wild. Wild Canids get most of their calories from meat and bones, with vegetables eaten either seperately or found in the stomach contents of prey. With many commercial foods there primary contents are filler, such as corn or rice, ingredients that dogs do not readily digest.

Is feeding a natural diet more expensive?

Not really, with commercial diets so much of what you pay for is filler which simply passes through the dogs digestive tract while giving little nutrition that pound for pound our natural diet gives you much more actual food for your dollar.

Is feeding a natural diet more difficult or time consuming?

In some cases, but we take all the work out of it for you. No measuring, preparing, cooking – you simply give your dog the appropriate sized brick and you are done.

Should I thaw the food?

No, it is quite natural and in fact healthy for dogs to eat food that is frozen. Feeding it in its frozen state will help your dog prevent tartar build up.

Is it messy to feed raw food?

No – as it goes straight from the freezer to your dogs food dish there should be very little mess. Certainly less mess than if you did the preparation yourself. The only dish you need to wash is your dogs.

Will my dog turn into a blood thirsty maniac?

No – ┬ánatural diets will not affect your dogs temperament at all.

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