Natural Raw Diet Makes a Difference for Cujo’s Coat

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Hi Ryan,

Cujo's coat improved on Chow for Now's natural raw diet

Look how thick & shiny Cujo's coat is now!

I just wanted to let you know how much we love the Chow for Now raw dog food.  You have delivered to me a few times but we often go out to Ft.Langley to pick up cases.  My daughter’s (Dana Pretty) dog loves it too.  I have attached some recent pictures of our pomeranian, Cujo.

I wish I had some good ‘before’ pictures to show you but I did find one pretty good before shot to show how bare his back was.  I think we’ve had him on the Chow for Now for a couple of years but just in the last few months we have seen some incredible improvements in his coat.  It might be because we don’t feed him really anything but the raw food now – not many treats at all.  I don’t know if you are familiar with ‘black skin disease’ but it is a problem that many Pomeranians have – there is a lot of information about it on the internet, no known ways to treat it although we used to have success with dandruff (tar) shampoos but I was always concerned with using that too often that it might not be healthy for him.

Before feeding a raw diet Cujo's coat was sparse and his skin discoloured

Before feeding a raw diet Cujo's coat was sparse and his skin discoloured


For the last few years he was just getting balder (skin black & no hair) on his lower back and hind legs (common places that it affects).

Since this past summer we have seen all his hair grow back – beautiful thick, soft hair.  He looks like a puppy (he will be 10 this month!).  He is so healthy & his coat has never looked this good.  It must be the food – no other explanation!

So THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating this food!!!

Shelley Pretty

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