Drug Detection Dog digs Chow for Now

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Drug Detection Dog HannahI have been feeding my 3 personal dogs as well as my work dog Chow For Now for the last 6 months.

Hannah is a Drug Detector dog for the Correctional Service of Canada. She is a 4.5 year old Labrador x Golden Retriever. Since changing her to Chow For Now I have noticed a huge difference in her coat, way less shedding and much more shine. She seems to have more energy for work and has not had a single ear infection since changing over.

Drug Detection Dog with Owner Handler Maria Graham

My 2 Dobermans, Larkin age 5 and Juneau age 10 have been on many different foods in their lives from kibble to other types of raw however, since feeding Chow For Now I have never seen their coats as shiny, had their breath smell so good and their teeth so clean. I will also attest to the fact that they are much more enjoyable to cuddle and watch TV with since they do not pass anywhere near as much gas as they used to!!

My Border Collie Skye is not quite 1 year yet but she has been raised on Chow For Now, she has an amazing coat, it is very full and soft.

Chow For Now has reduced ALL of my dogs waste by at least 50% and none of them have had to go to the vet for anything other than their regular checkups!

I also can’t even tell you how wonderful it is to have my dog food delivered right to my door by Ryan 🙂

Maria Graham 🙂

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