Cleo Takes a Turn for the Better on Chow For Now

March 13, 2012 − by Leslie − in Front Page, Happy Dogs − No Comments

Cleo and TimOur two year old Rottweiler/Lab Cleo has been fed Chow for Now since she came into our family. Cleo started off with quite a few problems when we first got her. We had concerns very shortly after bringing her home. The vet said she was lethargic and maybe even anorexic, which we didn’t know was possible for dogs. She wouldn’t eat any food that we put in front of her and drank very little.

 Cleo shows of her Shiny Coat

After bringing her home from the vet we decided to start her on Chow for Now and she has never had any health problems since. In fact, she is in top shape and looks incredible. Her coat is so glossy that we can barely take pictures of her because her coat is so reflective. She gets non-stop compliments at the dog parkl not only due to her coat, but also about how healthy and powerful she is. Cleo also plays all day long and could never be diagnosed now as ‘lethargic’.

We attribute the these benefits mainly to her Chow for Now diet. It just happens to be a bonus that she loves the food and devours it in seconds. Thank-you so much for the great food and service from Bonnie and Ryan!

Elena Marie & Tim Cuvelier

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