Chow for Now Fuels Top Schutzhund Dog

March 02, 2012 − by Leslie − in Front Page, Happy Dogs − No Comments

Aris von LensenhausAris is now an eight year old German Shepherd that has recently retired from a very successful career trialing in Schutzhund events all over the world. As a young dog he had an itchy dry coat and developed many hot spots. He also had a bad habit of eating his kibble far too fast ! Within weeks of changing his diet to Chow For Now , his coat was sleek and shiny, no more itchiness from dry skin, and no more hotspots.

Aris went on to obtain 14 Shutzhund 3 titles , competing at 9 championship events including 2 world championships as part of Team Canada. Aris received the Top Canadian Bred award at the 2008 and 2009 Canadian Championships and the High Score in Tracking with a perfect 100 point track in 2008. Now in his retirement Chow For Now keeps Aris looking and feeling great.

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