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Chow for Now is a premium raw, all natural dog food specially designed for optimal canine health and peak performance. This nutritionally complete diet is made of 75% high-protein raw, human-consumption quality chicken, 15% fresh vegetables, essential oils, vitamins and minerals. The 10% of partially cooked whole grain oats assist your dog’s intestinal tract and apple cider vinegar boosts his immunity with antioxidants. Omega 3 fatty acids from flax and healthy oils keep your dog’s skin and coat lustrous.

Good Reasons To Choose Chow For Now


Natural Ingredients

We use only the highest quality natural ingredients. Our  all natural raw diet is designed to supply everything your dog needs to be a vibrant, healthy part of your family. Our food is preserved naturally by freezing – no artificial preservatives!

quality control

Human Grade Facility

We have chosen to manufacturer our food at a human food grade facility. All of our ingredients must meet or exceed the standards for human consumption and the highest standards of cleanliness are enforced.

High Pressure Processing

Chow for Now now uses HPP (High Pressure Processing) to guarantee our raw food is free of harmful bacteria. We don’t stop there – we test each and every batch of food we make and only when the results are confirmed clear do we ship the food from the warehouse.

Border Collie

Sustainable Production

We believe in sustainable living and are proud to offer high quality, natural dog food that has a low impact on our environment.  Our dog food has minimal (and recyclable) plastic packaging and uses recyclable cardboard materials.


Green Energy

Being as green as we can be means producing the food responsibly as well. We are happy to announce our production facility recently add solar panels which will now supply a significant portion of their energy needs

Lower Mainland

Free Delivery

Chow For Now is based in the Fraser Valley and is wholly Canadian owned. We offer Free Delivery through-out the Lower Mainland: from North Vancouver all the way to Chilliwack and Mission. Call 604.308.8321 to order today.

This is the first time I’ve ever wrote to tell someone I think their product is wonderful. I have a two year old bullmastiff named Chad and he has always had skin and stomach problems.We’ve had many tests and even skin scrapings done but nothing helped until my vet recommended Chow for Now.

Candace Brown
Surrey, BC

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