Josie Excels on Chow For Now

May 09, 2012 − by Leslie − in Front Page, Happy Dogs − No Comments

Hi Bonnie.

JosieJust wanted to tell you how awesome we think Chow for Now is. Although we were hesitant at first because of the cost, it only took us two days of Josie being on kibble to realize that it was not worth the small savings.

We had noticed immediately after she started on a “all natural” dry food that her energy level had dropped and her drive to do her training exercises was non-existent. Now for some people, a puppy with less energy might be nice break but we new she needed something better. Plus the new smell coming out of her was almost unbearable. She had also started drinking twice as much, as dogs on dry food need a lot more water to stay properly hydrated (which leads to a lot more trips outside).

After switching to Chow for Now, we noticed her energy spike back up, her training improve dramatically and most important, basically smell free bathroom breaks!!

Josie plays with toyFor anyone looking for a superior dog food I would only recommend Chow for Now. For anyone that thinks that they have found the best dry food and there dogs are doing great, I’d say they should try a change and just try and say they aren’t amazed at the results.

Justin, Tanya and Josie.

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